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Photoshop {Layers & Masks - Composites} - Assignments/Designs/Subjects/Themes Portfolio for -> Advanced Graphic Design / Web Design / Advanced Web Development}

Xenophon Oviduis-Sophron-Naso is both a self-taught computer guy & in photography w/ over twenty-five years' experience

A special thanks to Shaw Academy for providing me awesome online education w/ Photography including photographic editing in both Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop - Graphic/Web Design & Web Development through which I achieved multiple diplomas!

Since 2016 - I've been professionally educated online w/ Shaw Academy & received multiple Diplomas in Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, & Web Development & graphically illustrates, and designs web-sites designs that make an instant impression. Here you can find everything you want to know about me, both in photography & in web coding/design/development sides as well as a person.

My online awarded Adobe PDF Diplomas for all my online courses I've achieved w/ Shaw Academy!

Diploma in Video w/ Distinction

Diploma in Photography w/ Distinction

Advanced Diploma in Photography w/ Distinction

Diploma in Adobe Lightroom w/ Distinction

Diploma in Adobe Photoshop w/ Merit

Diploma in Graphic Design w/ Merit

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design w/ Merit

Diploma in Web Design w/ Honors

Diploma in Web Development w/ Merit

Advanced Diploma in Web Development w/ Merit

Samples of my online education which includes> Graphic Design - Web Design/Development & Photography/Video, which has already been submitted Shaw Academy & studied w/in the "Graphic - Web/Design" & "Photography/Video" divisions by the various tutors - can be viewed online as follows> @ x-osn Gallery @ x-osn PhotoGraphics & also @ x-osn Flix

As I'm only able to work anywhere w/in the United Kingdom -> you may e-mail me via the "Address - E-Mail/Web-Mail" menu tabs to ask me relevant questions about either my Graphic, Web/Design & Photography or possible full-time employment/work opportunities at your organization!

Xen Ovid-Sophron-Naso CV / Résumé

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